FITNESS EXPERTS frequently remind exercisers about the importance of hydration. Even beginner athletes know to pack water when heading out for a lengthy hike or bike ride. But most moderate exercisers don’t need complicated hydration systems.

ONE SOLUTION is to consider waist-band systems that leave hands free and hold less than a liter of water. The Elite 1 Mutation from Nathan sports is a 22-ounce water bottle that fits into a waist belt. The belt fastens with Velcro and has a mesh wall to prevent chafing and encourage heat dissipation. There is also a front pocket to hold small items such as keys.

A NEOPRENE CUFF guides the bottle back into the holster, which is angled to reduce jostling.

SIZES come in small (26-32 inches), medium (32-36) and large (36-42)



– McClatchy Newspapers