The State Medical Examiner has determined that Thomas Mayne, the Old Orchard Beach man killed Tuesday during a raid by federal agents on members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang, died of multiple gunshot wounds.

The Maine Attorney General’s Office continues to investigate the use of deadly force by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the early morning raid at Mayne’s house on Sandy Circle. The attorney general investigates all uses of deadly force by law enforcement officers in Maine.

State investigators are still interviewing agents and witnesses to determine what led to the use of deadly force. Two women were in the house with Mayne, as was Kenneth Chretien, part-owner of the house, who was charged with resisting a search warrant.

Mayne, 58, was being sought on a federal indictment, part of a wide-ranging roundup of members of the Outlaws in connection with a number of crimes including racketeering. Mayne was being sought for his role in the shooting attack on a member of the Hell’s Angels in Canaan last year.