BIDDEFORD — A former Saco school bus driver pleaded guilty today to one count of driving under the influence of alcohol and two counts of endangering a child’s welfare, according to court documents.

Jan Mooney, 55, of Saco, was accused of driving while intoxicated twice in one day last December.

Mooney was sentenced to 120 days in York County Jail, with all but 10 days suspended pending completion of inpatient treatment, according to a written plea agreement from Biddeford District Court.

If Mooney fulfills all conditions of the agreement, the two counts of endangering a child’s welfare will be dropped, according to court documents.

Mooney was arrested on Dec. 8 after being removed from a school bus just as she was about to drive dozens of Saco Middle School students home.

She was charged with drunken driving a second time after authorities learned that she drove herself home from the police station after telling police she had arranged a ride.

Police said her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit for most drivers and more than four times the limit for drivers with commercial licenses, such as bus drivers.

Mooney resigned from her bus-driving job in December.