NEW YORK – Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston say they’re engaged and hope to get married within six weeks in Alaska, an abrupt turnaround for the couple that just months ago was fighting over child support and Johnston’s critical comments about the family.

Palin, the daughter of 2008 vice presidential candidate and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is featured on the cover of Us Weekly with Johnston, holding their 18-month-old son, Tripp.

The couple reports they reconnected while working out a custody plan and became engaged — for the second time — two weeks ago.

Palin, 19, told Us Weekly she found the idea of telling her mother about the engagement “intimidating and scary.” But Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, said in a statement on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday that they want what’s best for their children and that Bristol believes in “redemption and forgiveness.”

Earlier this month, Johnston, 20, acknowledged telling lies about the Palin family after he and Bristol broke up last year because he was “unhappy and a little angry.” He says he has apologized.

Piers Morgan wants to be King — after host steps aside

NEW YORK – “America’s Got Talent” judge Piers Morgan appears to be the front-runner to claim the CNN talk show long hosted by Larry King, and has won permission from NBC, which airs the hit talent contest, to pursue the CNN job.

Appearing Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker noted that Morgan is contractually bound to continue on “America’s Got Talent” for three more years. But he has asked “to do another job as well,” Zucker said, without naming CNN or King’s talk show. “I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive,” Zucker said.

If Morgan were to land the CNN job, it would occupy “second position” in his work priority, according to an industry official. Katie Couric and Ryan Seacrest are also candidates to replace King, 76, who is leaving his show this fall.

Photo of actor doing coke did exist, defendant says

MARQUETTE, Mich. – A woman charged with trying to extort $680,000 from actor John Stamos is insisting that she had a photo of him snorting cocaine in Florida in 2004.

Allison Coss testified Wednesday in her own defense in federal court in Michigan. She and co-defendant Scott Sippola are accused of demanding money from Stamos and threatening to sell photos of him with strippers and cocaine to magazines.

Prosecutors say it was a ruse and the photos didn’t exist.

The 24-year-old Coss admits that she lied in e-mails to Stamos to try to get him to pay. But she says a picture of him with cocaine did exist at least a week before the FBI raided her home last December.

Police and FBI agents testified that no pictures were destroyed after the search.

Trigger draws $266,000

Roy Rogers’ stuffed horse, Trigger, has been sold at auction in New York City for more than $266,000.

Christie’s says Rogers’ faithful companion was bought by RFD-TV in Omaha, Neb., at an auction Wednesday of items from the now-closed Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Mo.

CFO Steve Campione says the company hopes to start its own museum. He says the company is looking to buy more Rogers items at auction.