Zach Romanoff’s “Love Emergency” is a sure bet for summer.

It’s a high-energy, dance-till-dawn pop-rock affair. It’s what you want to put on when you’re having people over, heading to the beach, going out for a run or have a long drive ahead of you and need to stay awake.

The process of making “Love Emergency” started last year when Romanoff spent two weeks in Toronto working with veteran songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Mladen Alexander. The pair co-wrote, recorded and produced the five-song EP mostly in Canada, with finishing touches done via Skype and GarageBand.

The title track has dance club written all over it, with vocal effects, synthesizers and a pulsating beat.

You’ll hear Romanoff’s vocals at their strongest on “Bartender,” an infectious tune that could easily be the soundtrack of pool party-themed beer commercials. The repeated “oh oh oh bartender” line was a moment of improvisation that wound up as the song’s centerpiece.

“Kiss Me Deadly” has a cinematic vibe to it with massive keyboards. “She’s a killer with a loaded gun / Got me in her sights and she’s coming for me,” sings Romanoff.

“Cheater,” at just 2 1/2 minutes, boasts almost comical over-the-top lyrics, and the driving instrument is Romanoff’s acoustic guitar.

Romanoff closes out with the R&B-tinged ballad “Dangerous”: “We’ve got to stop playing this game, it’s dangerous / We can’t go on, it’s always the same, it’s breaking us.”

“Love Emergency” is available exclusively via digital download through distributors including iTunes and Rhapsody. Visit Romanoff online at


Aimsel Ponti is a Portland freelance writer. Contact her at: [email protected]