Maine’s unpredictable summer weather is not going to cooperate tonight for those people who had hoped to catch a glimpse of the beautiful, but rare northern lights.

David Glenn, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray, said it will be hazy with a chance of fog over most of southern Maine tonight. There is also a chance of late night showers, Glenn said.

“It’s going to be difficult to see anything related to the northern lights tonight,” Glenn said.

Glenn said there is a chance that the northern lights could be viewed just after sunset, but the forecast for the rest of the evening is not looking very good.

Earlier this week, scientists said residents of northern regions from Maine to Michigan might get to see the northern lights as the result of two solar storms. Usually, only regions closer to the Arctic get to see the glowing reds and greens, but solar storms can pull the northern lights farther south.

Until recently, the sun went through a phase where there were few solar storms, but scientists say there could be more storms – and as a result more light shows.