Kenny Bissell made a hole-in-one on the 15th hole at the Biddeford-Saco Country Club on Aug. 20. Bissell used a 6-iron to make the shot witnessed by Art Doherty, Dick Beaulieu, and Berne Stalionis.


Henry Middlemiss made his first hole-in-one on Aug. 18 at Bridgton Highlands Country Club. Middlemiss used a 6-iron to ace the 152-yard 13th hole. The shot was witnessed by Dave Remick, Kim Martin and John Creighton.


Dick Colucci of Riverside scored a hole-in-one while playing in the Southern Maine Seniors tournament at Boothbay Country Club on Aug. 17. Colucci aced the 133-yard 15th hole. Playing partners were Anthony Galli, Dale Rand and Pasquale Lapomarda.


Dick Provencher aced the 17th hole at Nonesuch River Golf Club on Aug. 19. Provencher used a 6-iron for the 151-yard shot, which was witnessed by Frank Zayac and Mark Cote.


Akkeb Gregiure aced the eighth hole with a 5 iron at Biddeford-Saco Country Club on Aug. 20. Witnesses were Greg Boucouvalas, Kevin Morse and Kurt Fletcher.