A Buxton man is back in jail after his second standoff with police.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s deputies and Buxton and Gorham officers were called to Long Plains Road in Buxton Monday night to deal with a man who had threatened suicide.

Daniel Wolfe II had crashed his car into a ditch and was walking along the road with a knife in one hand and a cell phone in the other, police said. Deputy John Cross drew his gun and ordered Wolfe to drop the knife but he refused and advanced on the officers, police said.

Deputy Anthony Hovey fired his Taser at Wolfe, who fell to the ground, but refused to relinquish the knife, police said. Hovey activated the Taser again and officers were able to disarm Wolfe and take him into custody, police said.

In 2008, Wolfe engaged police in an eight-hour standoff with a high-powered rifle at a home on Quail Ridge Road in Standish before being taken into custody, police said. In that case, deputies arrested him after firing canisters of pepper spray into the house.