I would like to thank Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz for his contributions to the Paul LePage for Governor campaign. Bill’s recent writings have pried into Paul’s personal life.

Also, trivial matters have been covered in depth without mention of any type of a plan the state’s next governor should follow. Bill’s distaste of Paul LePage is so clearly evident in his column, these could be called “hate articles.”

Fortunately, the people of Maine are intelligent enough to realize Maine needs a real leadership plan and have responded accordingly. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Paul’s lead over Libby Mitchell has spread to a comfortable 18 percent.

Furthermore, of the gubernatorial candidates, Paul had the most contributions from July 14 to Sept. 14 at $400,000. However, Mitchell does have more campaign funds available.

During these hard financial times, she has already taken an initial $600,000 of taxpayers’ money and has permission to spend an additional $323,939.

Paul’s campaign runs on contributions and the hearts and souls of his volunteers. So, Bill, once again thank you for your contributions to the Le- Page for Governor effort.

Donald M. Breault Jr.

Old Orchard Beach

Congratulations to Bill Nemitz. It takes courage to take on the inconsistencies of a candidate, and in such a bold manner.

I have a different concern about Paul LePage. A man who wants to lead the state, be representative of our state when he is meeting with his peers has to control his temper and think before he speaks.

He has to demand respect by his thoughts, not by outbursts.

Rather than being sidetracked by his personality, I would like to concentrate on Mr. LePage’s views on our state’s problems, how they compare to other candidates.

His proposal to eliminate state taxes on pensions is reckless. I am an old lady living on pensions, but, given the state’s precarious financial situation, I strongly disagree.

Sue Weissman


While I would agree that none of us like prevaricators, Bill Nemitz’s continued assault on Paul LePage’s style and personal background demonstrates the same liberal, latte-sipping intellectual prestidigitation offered by the majority of the mainstream media.

As usual, he doesn’t care to stick to the issues facing this state that have been exacerbated by the last 30 years of Democratic leadership in Augusta. Instead he resorts to the mud-slinging politics of personal destruction as seen in his columns of this paper over the past weeks.

As he acknowledges in his column on Sept. 22, he just can’t fathom how the majority of the folks blithely continue to support the LePage candidacy. Here’s why: “We the people” are so frustrated with professional politicians in Augusta and in Washington that we are ready to take a chance on a “pugilistic guttersnipe”!

Richard S. Harnett


Paul LePage for governor of our great state of Maine?

Well I hope strongly that the people of Maine think long and hard before voting for a man who definitely has a fiery temper and loses control if confronted on an issue he doesn’t like.

And if he can let loose and swear at newspeople on television, what does he say when not on TV? He did control that swear word, but am sure he knows many more such words and that, in a given situation, he would say many more sick and disgusting swear words.

Do we want this person who loses control over a small personal affront to be handling grave and important and mammoth issues for our state? What will happen then?

This man may be great at Marden’s with his cute commercial grandma-type lady. But please, let’s not make him the governor of our state.

Samantha Rogers


I’m getting tired of Bill Nemitz writing negatively about Paul LePage. As Mr. LePage said, “My wife is not running for governor.”

Maybe The Press Herald should send Bill back to the Middle East and let him write about the war.

With all the crooked politicians in Washington, I’m not worried about a few hundred dollars in homestead exemptions, I’m more interested in what LePage can do for Maine as our governor.

Pat Sprackland


I just have a simple question: How does Bill Nemitz get the front of the Local & State section with his “Dear Paul LePage” column?

Why isn’t he on the Opinion page?

I mean, if Nemitz is going to skewer and eviscerate Paul LePage, shouldn’t that kind of butchery be done in it’s proper location, the Opinion page? Otherwise, it appears as if “Bill the Butcher” is doing Paul’s disembowlment on behalf of your fine paper.

I am sure you would not want that kind of blood on your hands.

Larry Davis

Hallowell and Peaks Island

I am an avid reader of all editorials and commentaries in the Press Herald. It’s keeps me up to date on what like minds and contradictory minds are feeling about current-day issues.

As the saying goes, I like to keep my friends close but my enemies closer. And I certainly want to know what they are thinking. Each morning I turn to the Opinion page, right after I check out the front page for news.

So my question is: Why isn’t Bill Nemitz’s column on the Opinion page? He doesn’t write about news as such. He states his opinion on every issue and recently every candidate.

Since he writes with a liberal bent, he tends to favor candidates and issues on the left. Good for him. He has a right to state his opinion and the paper has a right to pay him for it.

But the news pages are no place for an opinion piece.

I would appreciate reading about his opinions on the editorial page. Leave the front pages of the newspaper for the news.

Joan Dawson


OK, we all know who Bill Nemitz is against. So enough already. Maybe you could assign him to writing obits.

He might then be less tiresome and less predictable. the way, he might be more careful whom he calls “a liar,” as it is very likely to come back to haunt him in the future.

Alan M. Shaver


After Bill Nemitz’s expose of candidate Paul LePage as a liar, the next day’s edition showed that Mr. LePage’s poll rating had improved.

I have to conclude, therefore, that among those surveyed at least, there is a preference for a liar over a liberal.

C.V. Noyes