WESTBROOK — Westbrook Police Chief William Baker has fired off a response to comments by the lawyer representing the Dreamers Cabaret strip club.

Baker said he found “rather silly” lawyer Thomas Hallett’s assertion that the city of Westbrook is being “childish” and “over vigilant” in its actions concerning the club, which was closed because of code violations. Baker also called on club officials to play by the rules and obey the law.

Hallett was responding to the check by police officers at the Warren Avenue club Saturday night where they found the lights on, disco lights flashing, the music system booming and women serving coffee to a half-dozen men.

Club manager Adam Goodwin, after speaking by phone with Hallett, told police the men inside were plumbers making emergency repairs, according to police.

The club was shut down in September for code violations and has not opened since. Club owner Larry Ferrante has sued the city and lost an appeal of his occupancy permit revocation last week before the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The city passed an ordinance banning full nudity and alcohol in strip clubs last month.