AUGUSTA — Julie Peacock drove her 2009 pink Cadillac into O’Connor Motors last week and exchanged it for a 2011 version.

And it didn’t cost her a penny.

It’s the sixth time, in fact, that Peacock has received a free car through her job as an independent senior sales director for Mary Kay, the skin care and cosmetics company. And it’s her fifth light-pink Cadillac, a Mary Kay trademark.

It almost sounds routine.

“I drop off my old one and pick up my new one,” she said. “It’s registered and insured and has a full tank of gas.”

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for her 2011 SRX Cadillac front-wheel-drive luxury collector’s edition is almost $40,000, according to the paperwork provided to her by Curt Malcolm, fleet account executive at O’Connor’s.

“Gas and oil changes are what I’m responsible for, the next two years,” Peacock said.

Peacock, 37, of West Gardiner, began her Mary Kay career as an independent beauty consultant in 1999, after working as a dental assistant and then becoming a stay-at-home mom. Eighteen months later — as a direct result of sales and team-building accomplishments, she said — she became an independent sales director and earned her first free car.

The latest vehicle bears a discreet Mary Kay insignia on both sides and the back, and a plaque inside that reads, “This Cadillac was exclusively built for Julie Peacock.”

It attracts a lot of attention.

“I was going through the drive-through at McDonald’s with my son one day when a customer ran out to his car, grabbed his camera and took a picture of us,” Peacock said.

To get another free car two years from now, Peacock has to achieve $192,000 in retail sales over a six-month period.