GORHAM — The BioDiversity Research Institute announced that its webcam captured a peregrine falcon laying its first egg of the season at about 8:45 a.m. today.

“We have been keeping a diligent watch as the female, who joined the male at the nest a few days ago, began settling in,” said Patrick Keenan, the institute’s outreach director and coordinator, in a statement.

“We can expect the egg to hatch in about 34 days; this is the third successful nesting of peregrine falcons at this site that we’ve been able to capture on live streaming video.”

Visitors to the institute’s website can watch the daily nesting activities of the falcons.

Two cameras, positioned nearly 100 feet off the ground and equipped with low light color vision, provide two perspectives of the nest – called a scrape because the falcon does not actually build a nest, but digs a depression in the gravel found on a high ledge, usually a cliff.