Your March 18 editorial regarding the a new job for former Gov. John Baldacci causes me to wonder where the writer is coming from.

Most of the editorial condemns U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., including leading off by calling him an “idiot,” while not addressing the issue of whether we really need another politician added to the bloated bureaucracy in Washington.

As reported, the newly created position pays $165,300 per year and I expect an office with staff and benefits, etc. would be added that would add to our $14 trillion national debt. Does the writer think that there might already be qualified people in Washington who might take on that job if it actually is required? When did Under Secretary of Defense Clifford Stanley all of a sudden decide that what we really need was to get a new outside viewpoint? You stated that all of Maine’s representatives support Baldacci’s appointment. Well, duh! When was the last time these representatives did not support more spending and larger deficits particularly when it involves taking care of their own?

Maybe the “idiot” title should be directed to the people who, like the editorial writer, see no problem in continuing business as usual in Washington while the red ink continues to flow.

That $165,300 would buy a lot of heating oil for poor Maine people.