AUGUSTA — Two police officers were injured and two men are facing felony charges after allegedly throwing a bomb at a woman after a night of fighting inside a Washington Street apartment.

Augusta police arrested Paul D. Glidden, 21, Sunday night and charged him with criminal use of explosives, domestic violence reckless conduct, violating conditions of release and violating probation.

Darren M. Ellis, 45, of Augusta, also was arrested and charged with criminal use of explosives and aggravated reckless conduct.

Glidden, of Augusta, was sentenced in December 2010 to 364 days in jail, with all but two days suspended, plus two years probation after being convicted of domestic violence assault. He was being held Monday at the Kennebec County jail. A bail amount was unavailable.

Ellis was not at the jail, according to administrators.

The victim in the bomb incident, a woman in her late 20s, was taken to MaineGeneral Medical Center in Augusta with what were described as scrapes and bruises. She was treated for her injuries and was later released.

Augusta police Officers Nathan Walker and K. Scott Mills, who responded to the complaint, were also treated at MaineGeneral in Augusta for eye and throat irritation, Augusta police Detective Sgt. Matthew Clark said.

“Both (officers) are still working,” Clark said.

Clark declined further comment on the investigation but indicated additional charges against Glidden and Ellis — and possibly others — may be brought later.

“Detective (Vicente) Morris and the (State) Fire Marshal’s Office are currently investigating the incident and looking to conduct further interviews,” Clark said.

Police were called to a 37 Washington St. apartment building around 5 a.m., Sunday for a report of a domestic assault. Walker wrote in an affidavit filed in Kennebec County Superior Court that the neighbor who reported the assault said he heard the sounds of struggle and then a loud pop.

“I walked into the apartment building and went up the stairs,” Walker wrote. “As I walked up the stairs, I could smell a strange odor in the air.”

Walker noticed an unidentified liquid substance on the stairs and railing in front of the apartment. Maine Department of Environmental Protection workers arrived later in the day to clean up the liquid.

Walker first noticed a problem with his throat while waiting at MaineGeneral to speak to the victim.

“I could feel pain in the back of my throat,” Walker wrote. “Officer Mills also arrived at the emergency room, where he was treated because his eyes were burning from the fumes. Officer Mills and I were treated at the emergency room for toxic chemical exposure.”

The victim told Walker that she and Glidden are homeless. They were staying at the Washington Street apartment while friends were out of town for the weekend.

The woman told Walker she and Glidden started drinking and then decided to walk to the store around 9 p.m., Saturday.

“(The victim) stated that they stopped at the church on the corner of Washington Street and Northern Avenue,” Walker wrote. “(The victim) stated that they stayed for the service that was being held there at the time.”

The couple left the church and continued on to the store, arriving around 11:30 p.m. They returned to the apartment, arriving around 12:30 a.m., Sunday.

The couple eventually launched into an argument that lasted the remainder of the night.

The woman could not recall for police what the argument was about, according to the affidavit, but she told police she recalled Glidden threatening to kill her.

“(The victim) stated that she went to the bathroom and Paul followed her and kicked her in the leg and put his hand around her neck,” Walker wrote. “(The woman) stated that (Glidden) hit her in the nose at this point.”

Glidden left and returned with two men, one of whom the victim referred to as “The Laundry Man.” The woman later identified The Laundry Man as Ellis while looking at a photo lineup.

“(The victim) stated that when Paul returned with… the ‘Laundry Man,’ a plastic bottle was thrown at her that exploded,” Walker wrote.

The woman told police it was Ellis, who lives in an apartment building just down the street, who threw the bottle.

“(The victim) stated that one of the male subjects said they had 5 to 10 seconds to leave,” Walker wrote. “(The woman) stated that the bottle exploded when it hit the railing on the stairs leading up to (the apartment).”

Walker said the plastic Powerade bottle had a hole in the bottom. The holes edges were curved and melted, he said. Walker also found pieces of balled up tinfoil and what appeared to be steel wool.

“(The victim) stated that it made a loud bang and filled the hallway with smoke,” Walker wrote. “(The woman) stated that she was having a hard time breathing and ran back inside the apartment.”

The victim then ran to another apartment, where a tenant called police.

Last year, police surrounded 37 Washington St., in order to arrest a man accused of murder.

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