AUGUSTA — The LePage administration today released a package of budget changes designed to cover a $164 million hole in the $6.1 billion, two-year budget.

In a brief presentation today, Department of Administrative and Financial Services Commissioner Sawin Millett told the Appropriations Committee that it’s the administration’s best advice for covering the deficit, which was caused by falling revenues, a recalculation of savings from the retirement system and growth in demand for Medicaid.

“This is our best effort at getting you back into balance,” he said.

The proposal would eliminate health insurance coverage for childless adults who qualify for Medicaid effective Jan. 1, which would save nearly $35 million. It also takes nearly $30 million from the state rainy day fund, and books savings of $16.8 million in anticipation of more federal money from the Department of Health and Human Services because of an improved computer billing system.

Also, it would eliminate Clean Election funding for gubernatorial candidates, saving $3.3 million.

The Appropriations Committee will meet again at 1 p.m. to get more details on the proposal.