What phone service do you use and how do you like it?

We had so many informative responses this week that we have nothing to add! Read on to find out what our followers use and decide for yourself. While phone features and service price are important, don’t forget to consider signal strength in your area and how the phone performs.

“I have AT&T. When I got my iPhone it was the only choice. And it’s mostly fine if I’m in Portland or Boston. But it barely works in Augusta, rarely works in L/A and is basically a fancy paperweight Downeast … which is where I spend a lot of my time for work. I’m thinking about cutting my losses and switching to Verizon, but I’d really just like to see increased cell/3G coverage around Maine. We need it for business and economic development.” – Facebook user Anne Tselikis

“I have an LG smartphone through Virgin Mobile and it’s great. By using apps like netTALK, Google Voice and or Skype for about $30 you can get unlimited outgoing voice and Internet at 3G speed.” – Facebook user Daniel Hatt

“AT&T and I like it. Would not change.” – Facebook user Bethany Ingham

“When I moved to Belfast, I had to give up my AT&T service. You’ve seen their ad that says they cover 97 percent of the United States? Well, this is part of the 3 percent … Numerous calls to customer service verified that not only did they not serve this … area, they had no plans to in the future. I have U.S. Cellular now and must say the free incoming everything is an invaluable feature – to all the other cellphone companies out there, I would ask, why should I have to pay if some bozo forwards a 6-page email to a wrong number?” – Facebook user Linda Lorenzen

“Sprint … Love it, Love them … great people.” – Facebook user Kathleen Anne Donovan-Liebl

“I have U.S. Cellular and like the free incoming, but I think it is more expensive than some of the other companies.” – Facebook user Linda Merrigan Croce

“I have an AT&T iPhone. I’d switch to Verizon in a second if they offered simultaneous voice and data. I live in Portland and service is spotty. We spend a lot of time in Hermon, and I might as well leave my phone at home. I went to an event in Hallowell last week and it was almost like the town had blocked all cellphone use. Weird.” – Facebook user Frank Carroll

“Just switched from AT&T to Verizon. I’m paying the same price for twice as many minutes, and more importantly my phone actually has reception!” – Facebook user Kate Mahan Kastelein

“I have an iPhone with AT&T and my experience has been positive overall, but I have had some reception issues when traveling outside of Portland. I would consider switching to the Verizon iPhone – my only reservations are losing rollover minutes and losing the advantage of free mobile-to-mobile minutes with my friends (most of whom are on AT&T).” – Facebook user Biorn Swenson

“Phone with AT&T. Cannot understand why they can’t improve their network. Dropped calls are definitely an issue in Newfield, Limerick and some parts of Shapleigh and Alfred. The Maine Turnpike also has some dead areas. If enough people switch, they might improve their service. Just sayin’!” – Facebook user Diana Tomasello Waterman

“I have an Android smartphone with AT&T, and overall I am happy. Every service provider has its weak areas and strong areas. I apparently stay in their strong areas about 98 percent of the time. Yeah, I drop a call or two now and then, mostly when I travel into a localized valley where the radio signal won’t reach or when I go away from populated areas north of Augusta where there are far fewer towers.” – Facebook user Bruce Ordway

“Straight Talk. $30. 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts. What a great deal! Oh and 30 MB of data so you can surf the Web. Or if you want, $45 for unlimited talk, text and Web. Try beating that anywhere.” – Facebook user Raymond Dunton

“I have AT&T and live in the most northern part of the state along the Canadian border and I don’t have any problems.” – Facebook user Pamela Charette

“I just switched to Virgin Mobile and I love it. Better connection/availability than T-Mobile, which I was on before.” – Twitter user LupineShadows