SOUTH PORTLAND — The City Council on Monday night passed the first reading of a 95-day moratorium on development in Willard Square.

The issue will go to a second and final reading by the council on June 6.

In the meantime, the city’s planning department will get to work on drafting design standards for the village commercial zone in and around the square.

The zone was created in 2006 to encourage the development of small businesses in that area of the city, which is a short walk from Willard Beach. But city officials never adopted final design standards, such as preferred architectural styles and features.

Now, developers Glenn Perry and Ian Hayward want to build “Ebo’s Market,” near the corner of Preble and Pillsbury streets. The store would sell fruit, vegetables, soups, sandwiches, meats and prepared foods. The proposal has stirred up controversy in the neighborhood, as some are concerned about the increased traffic and the impact on public safety.

Mayor Rosemarie DeAngelis said the 95-day moratorium gives the planning department and planning board time to come up with design standards and to review parking and traffic issues, hopefully easing the concerns of neighbors. She said the proposal for the market matches up with the goals of the zoning at Willard Square, and she doesn’t want to send a negative message to entrepreneurs who are considering developments in areas that are zoned for a mix of residential and commercial uses.

“I do hear the concerns of the neighborhood and I certainly am concerned about the safety and well being of everyone travelling through the square, whether driving or walking or biking. But we also need to be fair in a process to somebody who bought a property in good faith,” DeAngelis said.