Politics has become increasingly nasty over the years. Despite national trends, I’ve always believed that mudslinging has no place in Maine.

But recently, Maine Republican Senate candidate Scott D’Amboise failed to set himself to a higher standard. D’Amboise launched an ugly attack on Maine’s senior senator.

If D’Amboise believes his actions are going to win him votes in next June’s primary, he’s grossly underestimated the views of Maine voters. For years, Sen. Olympia Snowe has served our state with honor and integrity — dedicating her life to public service. Calling for her resignation is not only absurd, it is completely unfounded.

Is D’Amboise really trying to tie Sen. Snowe to an unfounded lawsuit brought against her husband’s company? Is he implying that Sen. Snowe’s character and hard work are predicated by professional decisions made by the company her husband works for? As a married businesswoman, I find that personally offensive and out of touch with reality.

Sen. Snowe has worked tirelessly for the people of Maine. She has no hidden agenda and is one of the most transparent members of Congress. She’s the exact kind of leader I want representing me in Washington.

If Mr. D’Amboise believes he can tarnish Sen. Snowe’s good reputation, he is wrong. Shame on him for even trying.

Jennifer Burke


Sen. Olympia Snowe’s vehement accusations of her Republican opponent lying about and smearing her husband surprise me.

She must have figured out by now that this is the team she plays on, that lying and smearing have become policy principles of her party.

Tony Holt


Watch closely at checkout for wrong pricing on items 

When watching the television news, I saw an interview with a lady from Portland who showed how much she saved by couponing. I saw her put her groceries on the counter, not once noticing how much was being charged per item.

I have been so cautious as to the pricing of each article I buy. So many times I have caught wrong pricing.

Just this week at a local store I had about 20 items, and two got put in at the wrong price. That order was $4.50 to the store’s benefit. No matter if I have 10 items or 50, I always ask for the cashier to wait till all my items are on the counter before she starts to ring them in.

Please be aware and watch each item separately. I am sure you will find mistake after mistake, from giant stores to little ones.

Linda Allard


Bill to let DeCoster off hook shouldn’t ever become law 

Thank you for your recent article regarding GOP Sen. Dale Craft’s outrageous bill that would absolve Jack DeCoster’s factory farms of requirements to pay minimum wage and overtime to their workers and allow collective bargaining.

DeCoster’s egg factory farms have collected numerous labor, safety, health and environmental violations in the past four decades, and Mercy for Animals’ undercover investigation at a DeCoster factory farm in Maine exposed egregious animal abuse that resulted in DeCoster’s guilty plea to 10 counts of cruelty to animals.

Mercy for Animals’ undercover footage shows workers throwing live hens into trash cans, hens suffering broken bones and festering wounds, and workers slaughtering sick or injured birds by grabbing their necks and swinging them around.

As in most factory farms, these hens were confined in cages so small they were unable to fully stretch their wings and were denied everything that comes naturally to them. DeCoster’s unspeakable cruelty certainly does not merit a legislative favor.

Eddie Garza

New York campaign coordinator

Mercy for Animals

New York, N.Y.

Will Mainers pass up offer of another free ship? 

Many years ago, the state of Maine had the opportunity to purchase the decommissioned Coast Guard cutter Duane for use as an artificial reef. Today, the Duane sits on the bottom off the coast of Florida, attracting countless sport divers, which in turn enriches the local economy.

Maine again had the opportunity to enrich the local economy by bringing the decommissioned aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy to Portland.

Time and time again I hear complaints that there are few good-paying jobs in Maine. Between the price of gas and heating oil, countless Maine families are suffering. Yet, when the people of Maine are given the opportunity to make a change for the better, we turn our back.

With an economy that shows little improvement, how many times can we pass on the golden goose?

Larry Horn


Special Olympics fundraising big effort for very good cause 

I just learned that I was the top individual fundraiser for the 24th annual Fred Webster Snow Softball Tournament in Carrabassett Valley. I am honored that this is the second year in a row I was able to raise so much for the Special Olympics, which is such a good cause.

Several people and companies deserve the credit. First, the Special Olympians, for being such an inspiration to us all. Second, Suzanne “Subo” Scott, for organizing the tournament for so many years in a row. Third, everyone who plays and donates, for collectively raising so much for this cause. Finally, my family, friends and the companies associated with the Kibby Wind Power Project for contributing to the fundraising effort for two straight years now.

TransCanada, Vestas, Reed & Reed, Sargent, Maine Drilling & Blasting, Verrill Dana, TRC, Barton & Gingold, Sewall, SGC, and S.W. Cole have each donated considerable sums, showing yet again the community spirit at the heart of this industry.

Tobey Williamson


Historic Apache chief’s name shouldn’t have been misused 

I always thought the cry “Geronimo” in any military action was a tribute, not a slur (as it was applied to Osama bin Laden).

Geronimo was a great chief and Indian leader. Silly me!

Priscilla Norton