SCARBOROUGH — Police arrested a shoplifter who tried to commandeer a vehicle as he was fleeing from a sporting goods store in Scarborough tonight.

Travis Mullen, 32, of Sanford, was taken into custody on charges of felony theft, refusing to submit to arrest, two counts of attempted kidnapping, and criminal threatening.

Sgt. Mary E. Pearson said officers were called to Cabela’s around 5 p.m. to investigate the report of a shoplifter.

When police arrived, Mullen ran through the parking lot onto the Maine Turnpike near Exit 42. He attempted to jump into a moving truck and fell to the ground. He ran to another vehicle, opened the door and got onto the passenger seat. The driver, a woman, fled the vehicle.

Mullen left that vehicle and ran into woods. A few seconds later, he attempted to enter an RC Moore trailer truck, but was confronted by an employee, causing him to flee again.

Scarborough police, South Portland police and Maine State Police found Mullen hiding in the back of a truck at RC Moore where he was taken into custody.

He was taken to Maine Medical Center for treatment of injuries he sustained when he fell from truck that was moving.