What do you think about the Kindle/Nook? Do you like yours? If you don’t have one, do you want one?

Read the Kindle vs Nook comparison this week to see our take on the reading devices, and see below what our Facebook and Twitter followers had to say about them! 

“I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas and I love it. If I finish reading a book and I want to read the sequel or another book from that author all I have to do is go on to Amazon and look it up and download it and I have it in less than 5… seconds. You can also read a sample before you buy it to see if it is something that looks good. That way you don’t have to go to the store and try to find it. Saves on gas also!” — Facebook follower Jennifer Rothrock Bragdon 

“I have a kindle …love it!” — Facebook follower Mary Jane Newell 

“Love the kindle. Bought for hubby for xmas now I need one too. Never read so much as I do now.” — Facebook follower Nancy Wing 

I love my Kindle! My wife bought it for my 40th birthday, its hard to put it down.” — Facebook user Andrew Porter Harris 

“I resisted getting a Kindle forever because I stubbornly love my books, but I used my dad’s once while waiting for a plane and got hooked. I still buy books when I know I’ll read it a hundred times or for collections, but it’s great to have the Kindle when it comes to travel and convenience. I got one of those special covers with the light attached to read without disturbing others.” — Twitter follower MustBeThursday 

“I don’t know what I would do without my Kindle! I started reading again, one of my real loves in life. Since I can send almost anything to my Kindle, I’m not stuck reading things on a glowing screen anymore. It’s amazing.” — Facebook user Frank Carroll 

“I have a kindle and LOVE it. I use it for fictional books and also for nonfiction school books.” — Twitter Follower Idget16 

“Love it! esp the apps so if I forget my Kindle I can still access on my Droid…can get a book instantly from anywhere.” — Twitter follower GirlOrangeCoat 

“I swore I would never give up real books. Then I got a Kindle. I now have a large stack of unread real books. >:D Yay kindle.” — Twitter follower LupineShadows 

“I love my Kindle <3. It makes travel so much eaiser now that I’m taking an extra bag just for books.” — Twitter follower StoriesTheyTell 

“Love my kindle.” — Facebook follower Shellee DellaTorre 

“Used to have a Nook, but traded it for a Kindle. LOVED my Kindle, but then I got an iPad 2. Mom uses & loves the Kindle now.” — Twitter follower Kriziag 

“I want one, but I think the Nook is better because it’s backlit.” — Twitter user OhKaity 

“After using the Nook app on both my iPhone & iPad, I’ll likely buy a Nook color. Better for graphic novels & periodicals…” — Twitter follower PaulFMoss 

“Free library books for Nook where we live, black and white screen is best for reading lots.” — Facebook follower Steve Welch 

“I _love_ my nook. Its size is more convenient than a book, so I always have something to read.” — Twitter follower NegativeK 

“Recently got the original Nook. I hate it. It just reminds me that I want an iPad 2. — Twitter follower SorePheet 

“I’d be interested in a Nook-e-reader. Heck, I’d be interested in a Nook-e-anything.” — Facebook user David Merritt 

“I have an iPad and no plans to change to Kindle/Nook. When I’m outside, I’m not reading, so that complaint is an issue for me.” — Twitter follower MEGhostHunters 

“Still bound books for me. I live like ten minutes away from one of the best used bookstores in LA, so I can walk out of there with 20 paperbacks for around $8.” — Facebook follower David James Powers 

“I personally prefer actual books. My mom has a kindle and I don’t like it.” — Twitter follower AylaRanzz