AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage issued his second veto Tuesday, sending back to lawmakers a bill that would prevent foreign workers from harvesting timber on state land.

In his veto message, LePage said LD 340 violates the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, specifically the equal protection clause. A similar bill was vetoed by Gov. John Baldacci in 2003.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, characterized LePage as anti-business in a press release.

“It’s unfortunate that a governor who says he’s all about jobs is actually more interested in giving jobs to Canadians rather than to Maine workers,” said Jackson, who is a logger.

The bill would prohibit the state Department of Conservation from contracting with businesses that use foreign-bonded workers.

It passed the House without a roll call vote. After a close vote in the Senate, it passed 32-3 on a final vote.

The veto will be sent to the Senate first for consideration, and if it there’s a two-thirds vote to override, it will go to the House.

Last week, the House upheld LePage’s first veto – a bill dealing with health insurance contracts.