OAKLAND, Calif. – A jury on Thursday found the leader of a financially troubled community group and another man guilty of murder in the brazen daytime shooting of the first American journalist killed on U.S. soil for reporting a story in more than a decade.

Yusuf Bey IV, former head of Your Black Muslim Bakery, also was convicted in the murders of two other men in a month-long spree of violence that culminated with the August 2007 shooting of Chauncey Bailey while he walked to the newspaper where he was investigating the financial woes of Bey’s group.

Jurors also found co-defendant Antoine Mackey guilty in the murders of Bailey and Michael Wills, but deadlocked on a murder charge against him in the death of Odell Roberson Jr.

Founded some 40 years ago by Bey’s father, the bakery, which promoted self-empowerment, became an institution in Oakland’s black community while running a security service, school and other businesses.

In recent years, the organization was tainted by connections to criminal activity.

The Oakland Post editor had been working on a story about the organization’s finances as it descended toward bankruptcy.