How’s your battery life?

Smartphones are extremely popular because they’re basically a computer in your hand. It’s not just about calling or texting now; you can download apps, check your email, play games and schedule calendar events on your phone. They’re fun devices and spreading across the world, but one of the consistent problems everyone has talked about is short battery life. When the phone can do so much, it obviously requires a lot of power. We asked readers about the battery life of their phones and how they feel about it. Here’s what they had to say:

“My battery lasts maybe three hours after unplugging my phone. It’s a Droid, the battery is terrible.” – Facebook follower Andrew Porter Harris

“I have to charge mine about once a week. The battery doesn’t last as long as my old Nokia did, but it has a fancy touch screen with graphics.” – Facebook follower Timothy Lambert

“I have a Droid. It lasts a couple hours if being used, but if I’m not using it, it lasts a day or two.” – Facebook follower Nora Bryant

“My mother hasn’t had to charge hers for six days. Mine is constantly searching because I am in and out of dead zones so I get a day. BTW, what happened to (former Gov. John) Baldacci and his plan to eliminate dead zones?” – Facebook user Sharon Morton Dudley

“HTC Inspire 4G. Lasts about six hours. I hate it, though everything else about the phone is awesome.” – Twitter follower RioCarmine

“I have an HTC Evo and I keep it charged while I’m at my desk at work and charged overnight. If I forget one of these it drains pretty quickly.” – Twitter follower Katie Neptune

“Blackberry Bold 9650, it’s good on battery life. I charge at night, with moderate usage (calls and text) it’s good for all day.” – Twitter follower Tony DelMonaco

“Samsung Vibrant here. Depending on the rom/kernel, I can go 15-20 hours per charge. Stock, more like half that.” – Twitter follower Speeb

“HTC Inspire. I get 10 hrs on avg. Moderate use. Browsing, talking, I love it. The power saver settings help me achieve this.” – Twitter follower Talixx

“I have a Blackberry Curve. It needs charging every three days or so. Wish it lasted longer, but it’s not too bad!” – Twitter follower silver_x_cross

“BB curve 8530. Original battery sucked so I bought a larger-capacity one that lasts all day; I do a lot of Web stuff tho.” – Twitter follower Lupine Shadows

“I have a Droid X and I usually have to charge it every night, sometimes earlier if I’ve used it all day. It’s still better than my last phone tho.” – Twitter follower Ayla Ranzz

“Droid X, have to charge it every night. It dies on me a lot when I do too much ‘net/email all day. If I turn the brightness down and the GPS and Google Sync off until I need them, it makes the battery last longer.” – Twitter follower Jean XSkirt

“I have an iPhone and I have to carry a charger with me if I plan to use it regularly during the day. It has a lot of options, but it drains so fast!” – Twitter follower Wafting Curtains