LOS ANGELES – Bradley Cooper’s teenage tennis practice. Lady Gaga’s first communion. A young Scarlett Johansson decorating a Christmas tree. Ryan Reynolds goofing around with his high-school classmates. Country crooner Blake Shelton as a guitar-playing kid.

These are just a few of the before-they-were-stars photos included in Ancestry.com’s U.S. School Yearbook Collection. The genealogy website recently expanded its yearbook database to include nearly 7 million images from thousands of schools in the United States.

The database is designed to provide insight into family members’ school years, says Ancestry.com executive vice president Josh Hanna, “and while you’re searching, you might just find a famous classmate.”

Among the celebrities included in the expanded database are Jon Stewart, LeBron James, Justin Timberlake, Gwyneth Paltrow, George Clooney, Will Ferrell and Sean Penn, sporting shaggy locks like his Jeff Spicoli character from 1982’s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

Hilton’s ex-boyfriend gets fine, class time for DUI

LAS VEGAS – Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend was fined $585 and ordered Wednesday to stay out of trouble as he settled drug charges stemming from a Las Vegas Strip traffic stop with the celebrity socialite last year.

Cy Waits, 35, was sentenced after pleading no contest to misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs, in this case marijuana. Felony and misdemeanor drug charges were dropped.

A justice of the peace ordered Waits to attend DUI and “victim impact” classes, gave him a 30-day suspended jail sentence, and warned him not to make the same mistake twice or he’ll serve jail time.

When police arrested Waits last August they also charged Hilton, 30, a passenger in his vehicle, with possessing a small amount of cocaine. The celebrity heiress later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession and obstruction charges and is serving a year of probation.

Actor O’Neal’s son sent to intense drug rehab

LOS ANGELES – The son of Ryan O’Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett pleaded no contest Wednesday to heroin possession and was ordered to spend the next year in an intense inpatient rehab program.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz also put Redmond O’Neal on probation for five years and gave him a three-year suspended prison sentence, which would only be imposed if the younger O’Neal gets in trouble again.

O’Neal, 26, also pleaded no contest to being a felon in possession of a firearm when he was arrested Aug. 2 after a traffic stop.

He entered the pleas without an agreement with prosecutors, said district attorney’s spokeswoman Jane Robison.

“The defense team appreciates that Judge Schwartz gave Redmond the help that he needs to turn his life around,” attorneys Richard Pintal and Michael Brewer said in a written statement. “The court recognized that drug rehabilitation is the best thing for Redmond and society as a whole.”