PORTLAND — Irene’s path through northern New England will become clearer by midday tomorrow.

Currently, there’s still uncertainty whether Irene will move toward the west and go through New Hampshire, or even Vermont, or if it will move to the east toward the Gulf of Maine.

“Right now, the best guess is down the center: through New Hampshire and along the coast of Maine or just inland of the coast,” said Chris Kimble, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

By the time Irene is this far north, it will likely be a extratropical cyclone with less-intense winds over a larger area, Kimble said. In southern Maine, gusts between 40 and 60 mph are possible, with winds possibly a little higher along the coast, he said.

Between 3 and 6 inches of rain are expected between Sunday and Monday mornings. Flooding may be a problem for creeks, streams and rivers in low-lying areas.

High tide will occur on Sunday night, when the storm is expected to impact southern Maine. Kimble said a storm surge of 1 to 2 feet is possible at a time when high tide in only 1 foot below flood stage.

In Portland, city crews are preparing for Irene by clearing catch basins and cutting tree limbs. Floating docks will be transported from Great Diamond Island and Little Diamond Island and secured at city docks at the Maine State Pier on Saturday.

The city’s emergency management team is making plans for the storm and cleanup afterward.

City officials say the waterfront and low-lying areas in Bayside, Stroudwater Crossing and Back Cove should anticipate flooding Monday morning due to the astronomical high tides.

Residents were advised to anticipate power outages and ready supplies such as food, water and medications to last for three days. More information is available at www.maineprepares.com.

The city also advises residents to charge cell phones, ensure sump pumps are working, secure outdoor furniture, protect windows, fill up cars with gasoline and stay away from the water.

The city will issue updates about Irene throughout the weekend. Residents can check for them at www.portlandmaine.gov, on Facebook at Portland Cityline on Twitter at PortlandCitylin or by calling 879-0300.