‘Sex on Six Legs’ a riveting look at um, well, bugs

Warning: This book contains graphic references to sex, violence, scatological cravings and zombies.

It is about bugs.

Biologist Marlene Zuk takes her readers inside the curious and often complex realm of creepy-crawlies in “Sex on Six Legs: Lessons in Life, Love and Language From the Insect World.”

It’s a witty and weirdly fascinating look at teeny creatures capable of doing many of the same things we do — flirt, care for their young, even manage others.

“Sex on Six Legs” sells for $25 in hardcover.

Glad to Go containers take on soggy salads

Glad Products Co. has solved the problem of soggy salads. New Glad to Go lunch- and snack-size containers have a small cup that snaps into the lid for holding a single serving of salad dressing or veggie dip. The containers are reusable and dishwasher safe.

Look for Glad to Go containers at stores starting this month. A package of four sells for around $2.19.