YARMOUTH — After Yarmouth cruised to a 65-53 victory against Gardiner to win the Class B boys’ basketball state championship, the school’s varsity lacrosse coach, David Pearl, sent a message to starting guard Sam Torres.

“I went home and was really impressed with what he did, so I sent him an email that said, ‘Sam, congratulations on the win,’ ” Pearl said, “and he goes, ‘Yep, and now lacrosse season has begun.’ “

In four years at Yarmouth, sports seasons never have ended for Torres.

“In this age when a lot of athletes tend to specialize and play their sport out of season, Sam Torres is the traditional three-sport athlete, and he’s really great at all of them,” said Pearl, who became the boys’ lacrosse head coach this spring after serving as an assistant for 12 years.

“I think you really see the benefits of being a three-sport athlete when you see the way Sam not only adjusts from sport to sport, but just does a wonderful job of being a leader on all those teams as well.”

This past winter, Torres played a key role as the Clippers won their first basketball state championship in 44 years.

While at Yarmouth, he’s also played on teams that won a state championship in soccer and a regional title in lacrosse.

“I just love to play with my teammates, and when you’re around guys like these there’s just nothing better,” Torres said. “I love spending time with everyone, and playing for Yarmouth in three sports is really something special and I’m real fortunate to be around it.”

Torres’ impact hasn’t gone unnoticed by teammates.

“Sam is a great leader,” said junior Christian Henry, another basketball player who also plays lacrosse.

“He was great to have on the basketball team. He was always fun. He brought the team closer. He does the same thing in lacrosse. He brings us together.”

According to Drew Grout, another junior who plays lacrosse, Torres had a similar impact in soccer.

“He played all over the place and he did whatever the team needed,” Grout said. “He was the type of player, when things weren’t going well, he would put the team before himself and he would make it happen. He would score the goal when we needed it. He would be the momentum that would change the game.”

Because the Clippers have been so successful in soccer, basketball and lacrosse the past few years, Torres hasn’t had much down time between seasons.

“Playing three sports a year doesn’t leave much time for breaks, especially if they’re successful teams that go deep into the playoffs,” he said. “It does get to you a little bit but it really doesn’t affect me. I love being with these guys. Yarmouth kids are so great to be around.”

While he intends to play soccer when he heads to Bates College in Lewiston next fall, Torres doesn’t seem to have a favorite sport.

“It’s not about being springtime and playing another sport,” he said. “It’s really about enjoying being around the people you’re with.”

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