How ironic for The Portland Press Herald to publish more of the same old anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist propaganda by the same old William Slavick on this sacred day of Yom Hashoah, also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day (Maine Voices, “Aggression against Iran makes no sense on many levels,” April 19).

He writes in support of the Iranian leadership along with the Palestinian Arabs, two of the biggest deniers of the Holocaust, when one-third of the world’s Jewry were slaughtered just because of their religious beliefs.

He calls Israel “racist” and defines it as those who do not recognize others’ membership in the human family. He somehow has forgotten that both the Iranian leadership and the Palestinian Arabs regularly deny Israel (Jews) their right to exist.

He also forgets to mention that 1 million Arabs (Palestinians) live peacefully within the borders of Israel. He insists that Israel wants to dominate the Middle East.

Slavick conveniently forgets that Israel gave back Sinai to the Egyptians for a piece of paper declaring peace between nations, hardly an act of a dominating nation. Yes, Israel does dominate the Middle East — in technology, education, medicine, women’s rights.

He asks the question about remembering past wars and how we should avoid them at all cost, like World War II when 6 million Jews were slaughtered. That memory, Mr. Slavick, is what will give Israel (Jews) their best chance at never again experiencing a Holocaust.

So when a nearby sovereign country like Iran tells the world that it will destroy Israel (Jews), the only sense for Israel is to take every threat seriously and protect itself by all means.