In addition to heavy rain, Portland police said they got a deluge of fireworks complaints on Wednesday.

Police got 90 calls regarding fireworks complaints during the holiday. That’s up from just four fireworks-related calls last year, according to Portland Police Cmdr. Gary Rogers.

So far this year, the Portland police have fielded 299 fireworks-related calls, up from 32 calls for the same period last year, Rogers said.

The law to legalize the sale of fireworks to consumers was passed last year, and the law took effect Jan. 1. But many towns and cities, including Portland and South Portland, adopted their own ordinances against consumers using fireworks within city limits.

“It’s concerning to have these thing in an urban environment, which is why the city banned them for public use. It’s a problem when you have this population density and tall buildings,” Rogers said.

There’s no shortage of fireworks for sale.

Jarred Falls, manager of Phantom Fireworks in Scarborough, said the store had about 1,700 customers on Wednesday.  Customers bought mostly firecrackers and a lot of boxed assortments, Falls said. The store provides safety tips on the bags and also a sheet of safety tips in an effort to prevent problems.