Ceremony marks War of 1812 bicentennial

As Massachusetts and the rest of the country celebrated Independence Day, a ceremony in Boston marked the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

The Boston Globe reported that six jets of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels streaked over the USS Constitution, the Navy’s oldest ship, in a ceremony on Wednesday commemorating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus addressed a crowd of active duty service men and women and civilians on the deck of the USS Wasp. As the Constitution passed behind him, he said America’s naval heritage will persevere and continue to prevail.

The ceremony highlighted Boston’s Navy Week. It also featured a demonstration from the Navy SEALS Leap Frogs, who parachuted onto Fan Pier.

One carried an 800-square-foot American flag.


Man fatally shot while watching fireworks

A 33-year-old man watching Independence Day fireworks has been shot and killed.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported that police said Jonathan Kapulka was among a large crowd gathered in a parking lot Tuesday night to watch the fireworks display when an assailant walked up from behind and shot him. He died soon after.

Witnesses initially thought the popping noises were from the fireworks, but then saw people running.

One witness said the parking lot turned chaotic as bystanders were almost run over as others tried to get away. No other details were available Wednesday.

The killing is the seventh homicide in Worcester this year.