Whatever potentially salient points Rep. Wayne Parry, R-Arundel, attempted to make in his response to the recent column on the Affordable Care Act co-authored by Reps. Sharon Treat, D-Hallowell, and Linda Sanborn, D-Gorham, are eclipsed by a prevailing tone of dismissive cynicism.

Rep. Parry’s closing remark – “A doctor and a lawyer should know better” – is reminiscent of the anti-intellectual cretinism of the 1950s. Ms. Treat’s expertise in the field of health insurance and health-care law is nationally recognized. Dr. Sanborn has 33 years of experience in family practice medicine.

They have devoted their professional careers to the protection of the interests of patients. When it comes to health-care policy, they do know better.

News stories subsequent to Rep. Parry’s June 30 critique demonstrate the impact of the libertarian policies adopted during the current state administration as compared with the ACA. The signature “reform” in Augusta has been to allow the purchase of out-of-state health insurance policies.

In the July 3 edition of the Portland Press Herald was the account of four insurers penalized for defrauding Maine residents. In the July 4 edition of the Press Herald, it was reported that due to a provision of the ACA, Cigna will be sending reimbursements to policyholders in the state because of excessive administrative costs.

Health care is a frustratingly complex issue. But it does not justify directing knee-jerk sarcasm to those who tirelessly and conscientiously work to construct and implement quality health care for all. We all should know better.