PORTLAND — Bangor Savings Bank donated $10,000 to the Hall Elementary School on Wednesday.

The funds will go toward helping teachers and students replace some of the items they lost in a Sept. 17 fire which led to the school being closed.

The $10,00 check was presented to Hall School teachers and staff, who had gathered at Deering High School. Teachers and staff have been using the high school as a temporary workplace until Hall School reopens Monday.

Books and classroom supplies were destroyed by water and smoke, items that had taken teachers as long as a decade to acquire, according to Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk.

Bangor Savings Bank’s Brighton Avenue branch is a longtime business partner of Hall School.

“Hall School is our neighbor,” Jim MacLeod, the bank’s senior vice president, said in a statement. “We were shocked and saddened to learn of the fire at Hall Elementary School that damaged classrooms and displaced teachers and students. I am honored to present this check and hope it will help the teachers and students at Hall School recover from this loss.”