While there are many differences between Chellie Pingree, my opponent for the 1st Congressional District seat, and myself, probably the most notable is that she has a record of inconsistency with what she tells the people of Maine and what she does in Washington.

Chellie went to Washington to “take the money out of politics” and has done just the opposite.

Along with her spouse, financier S. Donald Sussman, they have spent millions of dollars influencing elections here in Maine.

In addition, with Sussman’s purchase of MaineToday Media, the parent company of the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Sunday Telegram, Kennebec Journal in Augusta, the Morning Sentinel in Waterville and their associated websites, he now owns the news organization that endorsed Pingree’s opponent Dean Scontras two years ago.

This year, MaineToday Media has “decided” not to endorse candidates.

Pingree comes home from Washington and stands in front of an adoring media who do not take the time or have the resources to check the facts.

She talks about how she is fighting for the workers at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at Kittery and Bath Iron Works.

However, if you check the facts you find that she has not voted to support the Defense Authorization Act which directly funds shipbuilding here in Maine.

What is worse is that she is vice-chair of the extreme left wing Congressional Progressive Caucus and she has advocated for $1.7 trillion in defense cuts that will impact these Maine institutions.

As a member of the Armed Services Committee, she has lost the ability to be an effective advocate for the defense industry here in Maine.

How can you effectively advocate for projects at home when you propose cuts to your colleagues’ programs?

My opponent speaks of working across the aisle, but in reality she is on the left wing fringe of her own party.

The budget that she proposed for the Progressive Caucus was not even supported by her own party and increases the $16 trillion debt.

These extremist views are why Washington is broken. She speaks of bipartisan work in her time in the Legislature but as Senate Majority Leader here in Maine she was one of the architects of the first Majority Budgets in the history of our state. I am sure her colleagues remember things quite differently.

As your congressman I will do what I have done here in Maine. I will listen to those who have opinions that are different from my own and build personal relationships to find common ground. In Maine we worked together to pass Welfare, Regulatory, Tax, Pension, Health Insurance and Accountability Reforms.

By getting Republican, Democrat and Independent support we came up with better solutions than either side thought possible and changed the culture of state government.

I will find common ground not by looking at the differences that exist today but on where we can agree for tomorrow. One thing that I have found incredibly helpful is to try to never question people’s motives and respect that they are just as passionate about their beliefs as I am.

As a native Mainer born to modest means, I understand the challenges of the hard working people of Maine.

As a young dad I knew that I had to work twice as hard to provide for my family and that it was more important to give back to my neighbors than to receive.

I want to help create a culture that will once again reward hard work and create a pathway off government dependency and despair.

If we can embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of Main Street and create a culture of stability in government we can create a brighter future for our children.

I clearly understand that I am the underdog in this race, and after a summer of visiting almost every Main Street in the district I am still relatively unknown.

I do not have the connections with the elite in Washington to raise the money it takes to match my opponent’s special interest resources.

However, if you are an “old time” Democrat who feels that your party has gone too far to the left, I ask for your consideration.

If you are an independent minded voter who is tired of the blame game in Washington I need your support.

If you are a Republican who believes our best days are ahead I need you on our team.

I am beholden to no one except the people of Maine and I will find solutions so we can take or nation back.