More than 40 days after the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, all we know is that four brave Americans, working for our country, were slaughtered by terrorists whom our president has claimed are our friends.

Why were prior requests for more protection of the consulate denied, or worse, ignored? Why, when the drone reported it was an organized attack, was help not sent immediately to disperse the attackers and save our men?

Why did the president blindly keep insisting the cause was an anti-Muslim video? Where was our State Department? Where was our intelligence?

We have four heartbroken families, and we have a heartbroken nation that cry for these families and cry in shame of a president who denied these men help and continues to ignore the truth with the excuse that he is still investigating the problem.

For the safety and freedom of our country and the free world, President Obama should not be re-elected.

Elizabeth Crane

Cape Elizabeth

Those of us who have a conservative worldview understand that the mainstream press does not share our philosophy.

That is why conservatives own the radio airwaves and why Fox News consistently wins ratings battles. These are the only places we can go to get the whole story or even any story that may question “The One” or liberal thinking.

This brings me to the most current act of journalistic malpractice: Benghazi.

The lack of coverage of this story is outrageous. Information about the murder of our ambassador and three other American operatives in Libya has been pouring out, and this “news”paper has been silent. (And yet there was five days of coverage this summer on some comment by Rush Limbaugh.)

We know that within hours, the White House knew that the attack in Benghazi was an organized terrorist operation, yet the story of a video causing the event was out there for weeks. Which intelligence agency said it was the video?

There is real-time video of the attack. What does it show? There were repeated requests for help, but nothing was done. Why? We don’t know, and the press doesn’t seem to be interested. This is a scandal that makes Watergate look like jaywalking.

This is the last straw. By ignoring this story, you have proven that partisanship has priority over the real news at MaineToday Media.

We have received daily delivery of this paper for many years, but we are done. You’re not doing your job.

Lewis Tibbetts


Why is it that this newspaper and the major news outlets are refusing to expose the Libya scandal? The only news outlet that is airing it is Fox News.

This scandal is worse than Watergate. Nobody died in Watergate.

I can only assume that all of you don’t want to impair the chances for Barack Obama to have another four years in the White House.

I know that you have to have all facts before you report a story. The facts are there, but it would appear that it won’t come out until after the election. Don’t you think that there is some bias going on here?

Alan McLellan


Snowe’s state Senate pick disappointing, confusing

I am confused.

Olympia Snowe made such a big deal about her choice not to run again for the U.S. Senate seat. She cited the gridlock in politics as being at the top of the list of reasons for her leaving. My opinion of her went even higher.

She took a stand; drew a line in the sand. She sent a message to Washington and to everyone that we need to act like adults. I was so proud of her, and she made me proud to be a Mainer.

I read about her plans to leave Washington in the June 11 issue of People magazine. In the article, she said, “We’re not dealing with substantive issues like taxes that can make a profound difference for the economy. No one has any tolerance for sifting through issues for the merits of an idea.”

So here we are four months later, and I read in the paper that she is endorsing the Republican candidate for District 11 over Dick Woodbury, an economist who specializes in taxes and public policy (“Snowe appears in ad backing state senate candidate,” Oct. 24).

Really. The Republican candidate with three years’ experience as a small-business owner is her choice over the guy with a degree from Harvard in economics, whose work in the Maine Senate has received unanimous support from Republicans and Democrats.

Tyll is a good candidate, but Woodbury is a great candidate.

I can’t help but think that Olympia is being pushed by the Republican Party to do its bidding. Thankfully, as the only independent in the Senate, Dick Woodbury will only experience pressure from Maine citizens to do what’s best for Maine.

Helen Klepinger


King the most plausible, qualified choice for Senate

I am a member of the Democratic Party, and in contested elections I usually vote for the Democratic candidate. However, in the upcoming selection of a U.S. senator, I will vote for independent Angus King, and I encourage others to do likewise.

First of all, King is the most qualified person running. He is bright, thoughtful and balanced in his views. During his governorship, he made good decisions on the whole. His integrity is flawless. You can safely predict that his voting record will reflect what he says during the campaign.

Secondly, the extreme partisanship in Washington is crippling our country, and an independent senator might help to break that gridlock. Angus King’s instincts are to look for common ground when confronted with sharp differences of opinion. He is also extremely personable. He could truly make a difference in the way Congress operates.

Finally, unlike the Democratic candidate, he has a realistic chance of winning this election. Voting Democratic in this election might permit victory by the Republican candidate. Let’s not repeat what happened in the gubernatorial election of two years ago, and let a mediocre candidate win because of divided opposition.

I urge voting for Angus King as Maine’s next U.S. senator.

Cushman D. Anthony