WOOLWICH — A private inter-denominational Christian school based in Woolwich will send a group of high school boys to New Jersey to help with that state’s storm restoration efforts.

Chop Point School announced this week that the boys will travel to the Tom’s River Area of New Jersey as that community continues its recovery efforts from superstorm Sandy.

The high schoolers will leave Saturday and return Wednesday. Dave Wilkinson, a Math teacher and varsity soccer coach at Chop Point, will lead the group.

“This is an opportunity for the students to grow in service to others, which is one of the most important values we can teach our young people,” Wilkinson said, in a statement. “The amount of devastation from Sandy is significant, and we will offer whatever help we can whle we are there.”

The boys will distribute supplies, remove debris and sand, and help reconstruct damaged homes and buildings.

Chop Point School is accepting specific food items and clothing at the campus, which is located off Chops Point Road on Merrymeeting Bay. For more information, contact Wilkinson at 443-5860.