The Maine Principals’ Association football committee has recommended that high school football expand to four classes starting next season and has sent its proposal onto the next committee for review.

Before four classes is enacted, it must be approved by the MPA’s general membership at its Spring Conference next March. The proposal will next head to the classifcation committee and then to the management committee before the final vote.

The four classes will break down with the following enrollment figures: Class A (850 and above), Class B (650 to 849), Class C (460-599) and Class D (459 and below).

There are 76 high school teams in the state. Classes A, B and C will have nine team divisions in East and West while Class D will have two 11-team divisions.

The biggest change will have Portland, Deering, Cheverus and Windham moving to Class A East. There seems to be more support for four classes now than two years ago when the proposal was introduced.

“I think what it does is lessen the difference between the larger and smaller schools in each division,” said football committee member John Morin, the head coach and assistant principal of Massabesic High in Waterboro.

“It helps for the development of schools just starting football,” he said.