Well, I never thought that I’d be siding with Gov. LePage, especially to the point of writing to the newspaper (“LePage’s ultimatum disappoints Democrats,” Dec. 5).

Gov. LePage has made his share of foolish statements – some of them even thought out and not off the cuff.

However, when the Democratic leadership condones and even pays for a person to tail the governor to record every thing he says, it is not only unfair and nasty, but it also guarantees that there will be no cooperation between the executive and legislative branches.

During a day – or, for a greater chance, during a week – of continuous interaction with people, who of us would not say something that we wish we had not said if it were made public?

I think the public wants politicians to concentrate on the “big stuff” and back off from the political trickery. I’m ashamed of the Democrats who sanctioned this action.

Jon Gale Sr.



Mother’s disappearance prompts outpouring of help


Care of an Alzheimer’s patient can seem a lonely task, but my mother and I felt the full kindness and capabilities of the Portland community last week when she slipped away from home for the first time, disoriented and worried.

The Portland Police Department provided an immediate, strong, impressively thorough response; neighbors abandoned their tasks of the day to help search and offer comfort; and the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association provided invaluable assistance and coordination.

This newspaper had a notice on its Web page within minutes of being notified, Facebook links to it popped up quickly and a reporter from WGME prepared a story in case my mother had not yet been found by airtime. All of these efforts helped to turn her up safely, and we were deeply moved by the community’s generosity.

I’ve also learned of the many resources Portland has to offer Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers, and hope others will gain valuable information through them without having to experience a crisis – even if it did come with a silver lining and a happy ending.

A.B. Davis



Fuming classical music fan plans to halve MPBN pledge


I’ve been stewing since the announcement of the imposed changes in classical music programming by MPBN. They have been chipping away at classical programming for a long time. It’s supposedly “what we want.”

The only way I can express my dissatisfaction is with my pocketbook. Thus, I am contributing an equal amount of my MPBN pledge to the Portland Symphony Orchestra at the expense of MPBN. I’m doing something I thought I’d never do. I’m becoming a freeloader!

As for the remainder of their programming, the airwaves are filled with good and bad “news and public affairs” material ad nauseam 24 hours a day. Classical music is a wonderful antidote! Too bad MPBN doesn’t listen to its own broadcasting. I expect “From the Top” is somewhere on the list.

Arthur VanDerburgh


Community pays high cost when prostitution is illegal


Perhaps the answer the Kennebunk community (and perhaps Maine in its entirety) should be looking for in response to the alleged prostitution ring is a change – in the law.

Prostitution should be legalized. If so many community members are concerned about the release of “the list” and what it will do to the families involved and the larger community, imagine if there were no list to get everyone riled up in the first place.

Making prostitution illegal drives it underground (it will never not exist); clients are susceptible to blackmail, and sex workers are subject to abuse and a lack of appropriate medical services. The community submits itself to humiliating those charged.

Those who want to solicit the services of a sex worker will do so, regardless of its legality.

Maine and the United States (nod to Nevada) should discontinue their moralizing and allow people to conduct themselves as they see fit, without Big Brother making itself privy to the goings-on behind closed doors.

Timothy Wing



U.S. aid to Egypt finances freedom, but only for Morsi


The decrees issued in Egypt recently by President Mohammed Morsi show that freedom, which America paid for, may be taking hold in that nation. However, the freedom seems to just be for Morsi.

This seems like an unusual manifestation of freedom as we know it. It calls to memory guys like Fidel Castro, Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler – but that must be just our minds playing tricks.

Egypt is the second-highest recipient of our foreign aid, just behind our good friend Israel, where we send more than $3 billion annually, and it is said that Egypt orchestrated a cease-fire in the latest conflict in the region involving Israel and Hamas.

It almost looks like we are bankrolling complex international affairs at a time when our own economic situation is precarious.

That said, it is also worth marking down that Egypt is said to have been a conduit for rockets being sent from Iran to bonk Israel. In addition, there is apparently talk of Egypt spending foreign aid received from us on military hardware.

It is not clear just which faction in Egypt gets this stuff, but we do know where it comes from – that is, our defense industry. We also see where it ends up when we watch CNN – blown to bits and scattered around desolate deserts far removed from any touristy pyramids. It is unclear how that helps us.

The logistics involved in this must be so boggling that even UPS would spend a fortune unraveling it. This brings us around to submitting my proposal, which could save us a huge amount of money. Let’s just write out a check to President Morsi for the whole thing and have Karl Rove deliver it personally.

Richard C. Dillihunt