Edward Gibbon, in his masterpiece, “The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire,” was not able to pinpoint the precise moments in time when decline began or the fall occurred.

We, unfortunately, are able to pinpoint the beginning of America’s decline and her final fall.

Jan. 20, 2009, began her decline; Jan. 21, 2013, marked her fall from greatness. Those dates, Obama’s first and second inaugurations, will live in infamy.

Like the host whose life is sucked out of it by clinging parasites, America is now bankrupt, financially, spiritually and morally, a hollow shell of her former greatness, thanks to Obama’s socialistic, vile class warfare.

Sucked dry by millions of parasitic government employees, unions, able-bodied welfare recipients who refuse to work and those taking government largesse without making a contribution to the country, we are hurdling toward the bottom of the abyss.

More than 47 million food stamp and EBT card users, along with the parasites mentioned above, stand shoulder to shoulder with Obama, an unqualified, incompetent, anti-American, class warfare socialist whose idea of success is making hardworking, productive American citizens support those who refuse to work or make any effort to improve themselves.

May all those who ever voted for Obama regret what they have sown.

Dewey Rundis is a resident of Falmouth.