AUGUSTA – A legislative committee voted Monday to recommend eliminating two high-profile proposals from Gov. Paul LePage’s budget.

The Education Committee voted 9-4 against a proposal to make school districts split the cost of teachers’ retirement plans, which now are covered fully by the state.

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The state and school districts would effectively split the cost of the plans over the two years starting July 1, costing districts about $14 million.

Critics have said the proposal may leave the districts to pay retirement costs in the future if the state’s budget situation doesn’t improve.

In a 9-2 vote, the committee rejected a proposed voucher program for low-income students. The $530,000 program would pay some of the transportation, tuition and residential costs of non-religious private schools or public schools outside students’ home districts.

The Portland Press Herald has reported that the program would be available to students who qualify for free and reduced-price lunch under federal law.

That’s 84,000 of Maine’s 189,000 students – 44 percent.

The committee’s recommendations will go to the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee, which will send a budget to the full Legislature for a vote later this spring.