SEVERAL AREA HOSPITALS no longer provide birth announcements for publication. We will publish birth announcements from parents. Forms and instructions are available at For more information, call 791-6300.

Out of Town

Lydia Bailey Griswold, born Nov. 1 at Exeter, N.H., Hospital to Michael and Amy Jones Griswold. Grandparents, Lowell Jr. and Susan Jones, Owls Head; Lee and Linda Griswold, Falmouth. Great-grandparents: Peter and Ellyn Marckoon, South Thomaston; Jean Frye Jones, Florida and Maine; Lowell Jones Sr. of Rockport.

Bridgton Hospital

Christopher Matthew Coffin, born Nov. 13 to Jerrod and Kimberly (Pierson) Coffin, Naples.

Chyanne Lilith Smith, born Nov. 22 to Roger Smith and Mortisha Harrington, Bridgton. Grandparents: Cissie Harrington, Bridgton; Charlie Spiller, South Portland; Belle Smith, Bridgton. Great-grandparent: Lizzie Harrington, Bridgton.

Kaylin D. McCabe, born Nov. 22 to Everett McCabe and Mary Vaughn, Bridgton. Grandparents: Sheila Warner and Lincoln Warner, Bridgton; Vicky Hatstat, Waterford; Charlie McCabe, Caribou.

Maine Medical Center

Rune True Nickerson, born Nov. 9 to Drue and Pollyanna Nickerson, Steep Falls. Grandparents: Jonathan Jensen and Pauline Jensen, Gorham; Charles Nickerson and Kathryn Nickerson, Corpus Christi, Texas. Great-grandparent: Mary Paquin, Bath.

Mid Coast Hospital

Melanie Elizabeth Dennison, born Nov. 14 to Randy Dennison and Eleonor Gonzalez, Topsham. Grandparents: Elizabeth and Stu Palmer, Brunswick; Kathy and Andy Bernier, Bowdoin.

Wesley Matthew Lachance, born Nov. 14 to Jason and Christine (Leber) Lachance, Topsham. Grandparents: Dennis Lever, Fairfax, Va.; Susan Jean Kees, New Port Richey, Fla.; Simone and Loran Lachance, Brunswick.

August Harry Winslow, born Nov. 14 to Andrew Winslow and Erin Summers, West Bath. Grandparents: Ralph Summers, Stilwell, Kansas. Jim and Kathy Haidley, Omaha, Neb.; Loftes and Aggie Tryk, Frazier Park, Calif.

Noah Blais Cameron, born Nov. 15 to Benjamin Cameron and Cindy Blais, Topsham.

Jacob Alan Gerry, born Nov. 15 to Stephen Jr. and Pamela (Clukey) Gerry, Bowdoinham. Grandparents: Paul Vaillant, Richmond; Jeanne Yeaton, Payson, Ariz.;Linda and Stephen Gerry Sr., St. Albans.

Athena Isabel Rose Brassard, born Nov. 17 to Travis Brassard and Natalie Paul, Pownal. Grandparent: Jou Brassard, Orem, Vt.