The letter regarding kidney donation (“ ‘Heroic’ organ donors need aftercare,” Feb. 1) contained a misleading and erroneous statement.

Letter writer Nora Irvine does a disservice to potential kidney donors and their possible donees by stating that donor fatigue may be from the remaining kidney “hyperfiltering” to compensate for the loss of its partner.

I wish to set the record straight. After donating a kidney in 2006, I was out of the hospital in two days. I felt tired for approximately four weeks. This was due solely to the effects of anesthesia, which anyone who has had surgery of any kind can attest to.

After six weeks, I was back to a physically demanding job as an oncology nurse and feeling great. I was followed carefully by the transplant team for one year. Eight years later, my kidney function, based on a recent physical, is still completely normal.

In short, my life was not adversely affected in any way. It is a fact that we only need one kidney to live, as those born with only one can attest to.

The feeling of being responsible for literally saving a life is impossible to describe. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could and hope that this rebuttal will encourage others to have the incomparable experience of giving the “gift of life.”

Ginger Kenney