Re: “Commentary: Andrew Jackson isn’t worth the paper he’s printed on” (March 23):

While I appreciate people’s sensitivity with regard to Andrew Jackson’s visage on our $20 bill, I would be surprised if many Americans even know who Andrew Jackson was or what he represented.

I would go as far as to say that most Americans don’t even care. I don’t recall a great hue and cry when his visage appeared on the $1 coin!

What is really needed in this country is real currency changes that may save the taxpayers some money.

We need to get rid of the $1 bill as a start and begin using $1 coins. Much longer life in a coin, as we all know.

Once we get rid of the $1 bill, we could put George on the $20 bill if, indeed, Andy remains a problem.

The next item that could save us all a lot of money is to do away with the penny.

Our more sophisticated neighbors to the north have done both, and nothing catastrophic happened to them as a result.

Richard D. Kelly Jr.