Where are the University of Maine system’s priorities? Until 2013, when the University of Southern Maine defunded the full-time teaching position I occupied, I made almost exactly what UMaine’s top financial officer, Rebecca Wyke, recently received as a raise. Unlike her, I taught over 100 students a semester, graded thousands of quizzes and exams, and had a direct impact on my students’ understanding of the world.

When I announced to my students that I wouldn’t be returning, I was greeted with moist eyes, handshakes of gratitude, and from the back of the room probably a few sighs of relief. I am sure Ms. Wyke is talented, works hard, and would be missed if she left, and I agree with Trustees Chair Samuel Collins when he said in reference to her raise: “It’s necessary for us to retain talented people for the hard work we’re doing right now.”

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But why is it that they never say that about the faculty and staff?

David Kuchta