I am writing about your article in the April 17 edition titled “Inside the Nova Star: Sleek, colorful, refined, great views.”

All of the above may be true, but my objection is to the wording “while Yarmouth appears worn down and rough around the edges, the Nova Star is sleek and modern.”

That, I feel, is an unjust and unnecessary slight to the people of Yarmouth and Yarmouth Bar.

My father spent his summers on Yarmouth Bar delivering fish and strawberries with his grandfather, using a horse and wagon, and my great-grandmother was a pastry chef at the Markland Hotel. And so I have been to Yarmouth on the Scotia Prince and the Cat and found it unspoiled and real.

So, please choose your words wisely when referring to a place dear to many people’s hearts – including, especially, the citizens of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Ann Frazier