As I pulled into a convenience store this weekend, I noticed people standing in front of the door. It was a parent or two with four or five kids around 12 years old, asking for money for the kids’ ball teams.

Now we all know that school budgets are stretched thin. I have kids in school also and pay extra for sports, but to stick our kids out in front of a store entrance and make you feel obligated is just wrong. What are we teaching our kids?

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Shame on the coaches and athletic directors who encourage this phony kind of fundraising. Show the kids how to have a bake sale. Clean out your attics and cellars and have a yard sale. Get involved with another organization in your community, like the Lions. Put on a benefit supper, I will be the first to open my wallet.

Giving kids tin cans in front of stores is not, as parents, something we need to continue. Let’s make a little effort and show pride in our kids and let our kids see that. After all, kids mimic what they see, and I did donate that day.

Lucien Langlois