Search for missing plane ends pending map work

The search for wreckage of Malaysian Air Flight 370 will be suspended while investigators assemble a better map of the Indian Ocean, as satellite operator Inmarsat said it can provide no more data on the plane’s flightpath.

A robot submarine will leave the suspected crash area 1,670 kilometers (1,000 miles) from Perth Wednesday, according to Australia’s Joint Agency Coordination Centre. The search will resume once a ship-based survey of the seabed has been completed in about three months, its air-accident investigator said in a statement, confirming that a final digital transmission from the jet most likely coincided with it running out of fuel.

No trace of the Boeing 777-200 has been found in 81 days of searching from Thailand to the Southern Ocean, the longest hunt for a missing plane in modern aviation history.


Indigenous protesters, police clash over reserves

Indigenous protesters in traditional headdress squared off Tuesday against Brazilian police mounted on horses in the nation’s capital, just outside a new soccer stadium that will host World Cup matches.

In clashes broadcast live on television, riot police fired tear gas into small pockets of protesters, some of whom picked up gas canisters and threw them back at officers, along with stones and pieces of wood. Some of the demonstrators were armed with bows and arrows, and fired a few arrows at mounted police.

Indigenous activists were there to complain about legislation before congress that threatens to shrink the size of some reserves for indigenous groups.