On Feb. 22, the birthday of George Washington, I once again saw nothing in any newspaper to acknowledge this historical day. How soon we forget!

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are the greatest figures in the history of this great nation. Even most calendars don’t note the events on Feb. 12 and 22. That’s shameful!

These two historic giants are now forced to share a “Presidents Day” while a lesser figure (although a great man) gets a holiday all to himself. I ignore “Presidents Day” and have my own observance on Feb. 12 and 22.

Those who observe “Presidents Day” are those who are trying to make a buck on it – mostly car dealers and furniture sales outfits. I will not patronize any business establishment during their “Presidents Day ” or “Washington’s Birthday” sales. To do so would disrespect the memory of our greatest leaders.

I encourage you all to reflect on the importance of these two great leaders on their actual birthdays and studiously ignore the Presidents Day hoopla. Write your elected representative(s) and try to get Feb. 12 and 22 re-established as national holidays.

Robert Meixell

Westport Island