Enough is enough. After every local news program, someone usually states, “Closed captioning is provided by (fill in the blank) institution/business,” as if they are proud to provide a mostly useless service.

Over a year ago I contacted one of these institutions, a bank, to give them a heads-up that this service is, for the most part, unusable and that they were wasting their money. Their reply was that I should contact the TV broadcaster, as it was their problem.

What? Who would pay for a defective product (especially a bank)? Would you buy a newspaper where words were missing, jumbled, confused? A new car with only three wheels or steering problems? The reply from the station was that they would “look into it.” I guess they are still looking, as the problem hasn’t been corrected.

Go ahead: Turn down the volume on your TV and click on CC and try to understand what is being said. I am hard of hearing and try to use this feature to supplement that deficiency. Someone who is completely deaf would find it impossible to follow the story.

With the emphasis on handicapped individuals being a hot-button issue these days, why haven’t the three local broadcasters addressed this?

Not enough complaints? Not their problem? We don’t use this feature because we can hear? We get our money from advertisers, not those who are hearing-impaired? Hey, I want to buy that convertible with no brakes.

E.L. Eaton