The recent news that Emily Cain will once again run for Congress in the 2nd District is very troubling.

So far, 2nd District U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin has attacked the environment and women’s rights and has been nothing but a peachy-keen friend to his buddies on Wall Street. In other words, it is imperative that he not win in 2016.

But Emily Cain is not the candidate to stop him. All we have to do is look at 2014’s results to see that she does not have what it takes. Stale candidates and stale ideas are not how we Democrats are going to retake Congress next year.

Instead, we must refresh and put forth new candidates with new ideas. Instead, we must nominate new people who have both the chutzpah and determination to take on the abomination that is Bruce Poliquin.

Eamonn Dundon