Fifth in a series

If you are looking for rugged, back-country hiking, camping, fishing and other frontier activities, Glacier National Park is calling for the challenge.

The park is located in the mountainous north lands of Montana, boarding the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Colombia. Glacier covers more than 1 million acres and two ranges of the Rocky Mountains.

The preserve is known as the  “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem” because much of environment, wildlife and plant life is still pristine, according to the National Park Service.

It is home to hundreds of animal species, including the endangered grizzly bear and Canadian lynx. The park is also known for other inhabitants such as the black bear, mountain goat, big-horn sheep, moose, elk, mountain lion, and bald eagle according to the National Park Service.

Nearly 2 million visitors are year are drawn Glacier and its more than 700 miles of hiking trials, 130 lakes and raw beauty.

This park in the nation’s public space is definitely for those looking for a piece of back-country solitude and adventure.

Coming next week: Yosemite National Park